Top SEVEN (7) Best Auto Insurance Companies of 2017

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If you would like the very best protection money can buy, buying a car policy from perhaps one of the best car insurance companies is important. By buying a higher quality policy given by a reputable provider, you’ll gain both peace of mind and protection from life-changing financial losses.

While there will be lots of companies to select from, the very best car insurance companies offer certain features that enable them to stand out.

Along with policies that may be tailored within your unique insurance needs, they generally offer superior customer service, an up-to-date website where one can pay your bill or look at your policy details, and also a top notch claims process that will make recovering from a car accident as seamless as you can.


Because car insurance has grown to be this type of competitive space, shopping around to get the best automobile insurance rates is vital. Where one company might charge higher rates because of your age or driving history, another might offer special discounts based with an entirely different group of criteria.

A lot of the time, the only real way to see just simply the amount you’ll pay usually is to apply for a few quotes and compare them side by side.

This post was created to introduce the best car insurance companies inside the business, plus provide an overview of how each business operates.



When your ultimate goal is finding the very best policy at an attractive price, it pays to compare several of the very best rated companies side by side. When determining which companies to spotlight, we checked out Reviews. com Auto Insurance Study and J. D. Power’s 2016 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. From those studies, we handpicked several companies that received high ratings over the board.

Do you know the best car insurance companies of 2017?
Liberty Mutual
Allstate Insurance
Auto-Owners Insurance
State Farm
The Hartford
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Founded in 1912, Liberty Mutual Insurance insures greater than 1. 5 million vehicles and also has many of the top customer service ratings.

Why you may like Liberty Mutual :

Ranked “among the best” by J. D. Power's 2016 U. S. Insurance Shopping Study
Great standard coverage, along with the option to feature :
Accident forgiveness : Your insurance rates won't go up whenever you are associated with your first accident.
New car replacement : In case you total your car when it is lower than a year old and also has fewer than 15, 000 miles, they will reimburse you the price of a brand new car, not only the depreciated value.
Better car replacement : You will be reimbursed for any car that‘s one model year newer and 15, 000 fewer miles than your totaled car.
Deductible fund : Reduce your deductible by $100 whenever you add this feature, after which another $100 annually after that.
24-hour claims service
Why you ought to keep looking :

Policies could be expensive if you‘re purchasing one policy.
Allstate Insurance

If you’re attempting to find a car insurance company that offers top quality insurance policies using the chance of discounts, Allstate Insurance ought to be in your short list. Allstate received fairly high ratings across both studies mentioned in this post, using its highest marks received from customers who reported distinct rental car experience.

Allstate Insurance offers the very best of both worlds when one thinks of the user experience. With brick and mortar offices and agents placed all during the country plus a user-friendly and helpful website, customers possess the opportunity to obtain in-person help or access information online anytime.

Why you may like Allstate :

Most areas possess a physical office and local agents
Multiple opportunities for discounts for bundling, anti-theft devices, and passive restraint
Consumer-friendly website
Why you ought to keep looking :

Several comparable companies received higher ratings over the board
Could be expensive in case you don’t bundle policies
Auto-Owners Insurance

While Auto-Owners Insurance keeps a relatively low profile, they receive extremely high marks over the board. Actually, J. D. Power awarded Auto-Owners Insurance the very best rating with their 2015 Auto Claims Study, having a 5 / 5 in each and every category aside from rental car experience. That puts Auto-Owners Insurance before the pack when it comes to overall customer satisfaction whenever a claim is filed.

The undeniable fact that Auto-Owners Insurance is around since 1916 also needs to put consumer’s minds at ease. During that point, they‘ve exhibited financial stability consistently. Auto-Owners Insurance also offers 6, 300 independent agents, meaning you can purchase your policy from a private who understands your requirements.

Why you may like Auto-Owners Insurance :

High ratings for customer service and claims experiences
Individual agents who care
Sort of discounts available
Why you ought to keep looking :

Policies could be expensive in case you don’t be eligible for a discounts
Website isn’t as user-friendly because it could be

Progressive Insurance is known to its constant barrage of advertisements, however they in addition have a solid base of shoppers who seem quite happy with the products. Although they didn’t receive the very best marks possible from J. D. Power’s 2015 Claims Study, they are available extremely competitive when one thinks of pricing.

Other benefits Progressive offers include lots of chance of discounts, a solid online presence, and the Snapshot program, which rewards good driving behavior.

Why you may like Progressive :

Lots of available discounts and competitive pricing
Great online presence
Why you may keep looking :

Other companies receive higher ratings over the board
Scarce individualized attention from agents

State Farm

Founded in 1922, State Farm Insurance includes a history of monetary stability and customer service satisfaction. With physical offices and agents dispersed through the entire country, State Farm is likewise known for offering individual service that just can‘t be matched by online-only firms.

The company’s biggest benefits include its brick-and-mortar stores and agents, the many discounts it offers, and it is strong mobile app. State Farm also causes it to be easy and painless to obtain quotes online, which suggests you don’t need to head into your local office in case you don’t wish to.

Why you may like State Farm :

Local offices and agents provide in-person help
Great mobile app and website
Lots of discounts available
Why you may keep looking :

Average ratings from J. D. Power
The Hartford

Using more than 200 many years of history in business, The Hartford has built a good reputation for customer service and claims processing. As of today, the corporate remains receiving high marks from companies like J. D. Power. In its 2015 Auto Claims Satisfaction study, The Hartford received excellent marks (4 / 5 or 5 / 5 ) in each and every category aside from service interaction.

Although The Hartford is definitely an old company, they still offer the best technology inside the business. Using their website, you are able to shop around for as well as make an application for a brand new policy. Plus, you’ll have 24 / 7 admittance to agents either upon the phone or online.

Why you may like The Hartford :

Multiple policy discounts
Top ratings for claims management
Guaranteed renewals of your respective policy as long as possible drive
Why you may keep looking :

Low ratings for service experiences throughout the claims process
The very best benefits attend AARP members

USAA received extremely high marks from J. D. Power’s Claims Satisfaction Survey, including 5 / 5 in overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, USAA customers were extremely satisfied with the final settlement after an accident, and that is one of the most crucial indicators or a higher quality insurance company.

The most important downside to USAA is that it must be only open to members or former members from the United State military and the close relations. So, if you’re inside the general public, you won’t possess the opportunity to purchase a policy from USAA.

Why you may like USAA :

Top ratings, including overall customer satisfaction
Superior customer service
Diverse policy options to satisfy anyone’s needs
Why you may keep looking :

Only open to U. S. military members, veterans, or their close family members

Knowing which companies received the very best marks year after year is simply section of the battle. Beyond researching the very best auto insurance companies in the marketplace, you’ll also got to make a decision which sort of policy to purchase – as well as how much coverage you actually need. On top of these factors, you will need to think about how high your deductible ought to be.

Consumer Reports provides an extremely helpful guide that highlights the steps you are able to take to find a very good policy for the needs. Even when you’re fairly happy along with your policy, they suggest shopping around to compare rates a minimum of every two or 3 years. This way, have the ear of a good concept of where car insurance rates are headed as well as how much you can save in case you switch. Plus, it never hurts to shop around. Based in your age, your driving record, along with other factors, the policy you‘ve now could possibly be considerably cheaper in case you switched firms.

Here are a few ideas to consider while you shop around and compare policies :

Pick a top-rated insurer

By checking auto insurance ratings, you gain insight from each company’s existing customer base. Consumer Reports suggests reading through the foremost recent auto insurance claims and satisfaction studies to discover which companies consistently come on top.

Set the ideal deductible

Regardless of whether you choose liability coverage or full coverage for the vehicle, you have to pick a deductible that meets you needs. Consumer Reports suggests choosing a better deductible if you need to save on monthly premiums, but setting less deductible if you need to avoid a big out-of-pocket expense in case of the car accident. “If have the ear of a good driving record and haven’t had an at-fault accident in years, or ever, choosing a better deductible on collision coverage could be a very good bet, ” writes Consumer Reports. Just remember to stay much cash on hand just in case you need it.

Don’t buy state minimum coverage in case you truly want a higher quality auto policy

While state minimum coverage is less expensive inside the short-term, it may prove extremely costly if have the ear of a claim that far exceeds the cap upon the policy you purchased. By investing inside a policy that offers more generous coverage limits, you are able to save yourself some heartache and protect your personal property in case of the costly accident.

Ask family and friends for recommendations

While reading auto insurance provider reviews and ratings is really a smart move, you may also ask friends or family for their recommendations. General ratings will help you gauge the quality of any company ; however, personal reviews tend to carry more weight. Ask family and friends members whether they‘ve had a very good experience with the auto insurer before you decide to purchase a policy. You‘ll have the ability to nail down the very best insurer for the needs driven by suggestions of others.

Get quotes from multiple companies

If you’ve read lots of insurance company reviews but still can’t make a decision, it could help to obtain several quotes to compare. Counting on to live along with other factors, one company could provide a far better deal on auto insurance than the remainder. During this scenario – where one company is much cheaper over all – you ought to determine why the value is so affordable. Are you currently comparing apples to apples?

Compare similar policies

Speaking in an “apples to apples” comparison, this section of your search is vital. To locate the ideal auto insurance company and policy for the needs, you have to compare similar auto insurance policies among multiple providers. This means comparing policies with a similar levels of coverage and an identical deductible.


While you can purchase an identical degree of auto insurance coverage from multiple insurers, it may be wise to tailor your policy to your particular needs. The higher your coverage limits, the greater you’ll generally pay for the premiums. However, having higher coverage limits also means more security in case of the catastrophic accident. A similar is true for the deductible also ; with less deductible, you’ll pay plenty less out-of-pocket if an accident should occur. Upon the flip side, you’ll pay higher premiums to get a lower annual deductible.

While you navigate the intricacies of comparing policies among different insurers, it’s crucial to choose the coverage limits you’re comfortable with also. Consider the following pointers while you move forward using the purchase of a brand new auto insurance policy to satisfy your requirements :

Consider your assets

In case you own your residence and also have lots of other property, you ought to consider purchasing a policy with higher coverage limits than What‘s normally offered. For additional peace of mind, consider buying the highest tier of auto coverage to guard your loved ones. With increased coverage set up, you are able to ensure you won’t expired of coverage in case of the catastrophic accident – or worse, get sued by somebody who plans to reach after your property in court.

In fact, many people also purchase a generic umbrella policy to kick in in times like these. By having an umbrella policy, you’ll have additional coverage to tap into in case your auto insurance policy’s limits happen to be reached, or if someone sues you inside a court of law.

Take your car payment into account.

In case you paid cash for the car or paid it off slowly as time passes, it’s your right to select a car insurance policy with any limits you desire. In case you financed your car but still owe money, however, your lender might dictate the kind of policy you need to buy.

Most lenders who carry auto loans would require you to feature comprehensive coverage with collision benefits within your policy. This sort of coverage is basically more costly, but It‘ll help defray the costs if you ought to damage or total your car while you’re still making payments.

Gap coverage is yet another kinds of coverage that could “bridge the gap” between what your car is valued at as well as how much you owe. Since many newer cars are likely to lose value quickly, this sort of coverage may be a smart purchase towards the start of your auto loan.

Determine what type of driver you are

If you’re a reliable driver who has got never been inside an accident, having the very best levels of coverage can be the very last thing on one‘s mind. If you’re not an excellent driver or happen to be in many accidents, however, you might be keenly mindful of just how important those coverage limits are.

At the conclusion from the day, the kind of driver you‘re and just how often you drive may play a neighborhood inside the coverage limits you select. In case you drive infrequently, you might be more comfortable with lower or average limits. In case you drive at high-risk times or commute backwards and forwards to labor, however, more or better coverage might assist you sleep better through the night.

Make a decision just simply the amount you are able to afford to pay out when you have an accident

Coverage limits play an enormous role in just simply the amount your auto insurance premiums cost, but so will your deductible. Since you’ll be needed to pay your deductible in full to access your insurance benefits after an accident, it’s important to ensure your deductible is affordable enough you are able to cover it along with your savings. The ideal auto policy for the needs may have the ideal mixture of healthy coverage limits by having an annual deductible you are able to actually afford.


While auto insurance rates are incredibly competitive, they still vary widely with respect to the company you employ and the kind of policy you purchase. With that being said, there will be still lots of ways to stay your costs less than average. If price is a crucial consideration with your search, consider the following pointers :

Enquire about discounts

The best car insurance companies offer discounts on anything from bundled policies to good credit, zero claims, theft protection devices, and much more. Others offer discounts for paying your six-month premium in-full or installing an electronic device that lets the corporate monitor your driving habits during the long haul.

Allstate Insurance, for instance, offers Drivewise – a discount program for customers who install a tracking device to their vehicle. By letting Allstate monitor your driving habits, you are able to qualify for any discount of as much as 30 percent.

Take benefit of low mileage discounts

In case you work in your own home or have a brief commute to labor, some car insurance firms will extend a discount. Low mileage discounts also can apply in case you carpool to labor and share miles and expenses.

Qualifying for a coffee mileage discount may require one to prove just simply the amount you drive every year. Further, each auto insurance company has their very own limits on just how many miles you are able to rack up but still qualify for that discount.

The simplest way to determine whether you be eligible for a a coffee mileage discount is to question your auto insurance agent whenever you make an application for coverage – or perhaps after you qualify.

Shop around.

In case your goal is saving money, the foremost important step up your look for car insurance is shopping around. Auto insurance rates can easily vary by many dollars each year with a similar car and driver. If you would like the very best shot at affordable rates, it’s crucial to shop around with a minimum of 5-6 auto insurance firms.

Fortunately, shopping around online or during the phone is straightforward. A lot of the time, a fast phone call or online inquiry is all it will take to obtain a handful of latest auto insurance quotes in minutes. Be sure to shop with private companies and insurance brokers who may have the ability to provide a car insurance quote from different insurers.

Also, don’t base your decision on price alone. Where securing an inexpensive policy is vital, the quality of your respective auto insurance policy is equally crucial. Purchasing a cut-rate policy won’t leave you more contented should you get inside a wreck and actually need coverage. When shopping for any policy, you ought to concentrate on price and value.

Consider raising your deductible

Whether you’re shopping around for a brand new auto insurance policy or planning to stay the one you‘ve, raising your annual deductible is really a smart method to save in your monthly premiums.

If you prefer a $500 deductible to access your auto coverage, your insurance will certainly be more costly than in case you chose a $1, 000 deductible from the beginning. To save lots of money, you ought to choose the very best deductible you are able to reasonably afford to pay out.

If you undertake choose to reach with a better deductible, ensure you keep enough cash on-hand to cover it anytime. If have the ear of a $1, 000 deductible in your auto policy, for instance, you ought to put aside a minimum of much inside an account – or ensure you keep enough cash to cover your deductible with your regular emergency fund.

Reduce coverage on older cars

Whilst you mull over full coverage in your cars, that doesn’t mean you‘ll need it. Where full coverage is smart on newer cars, liability insurance coverage may become a smarter move for older, paid-off models.

To locate your break-even point, take a look at just simply the amount your car is really worth on the website like Kelley Blue Book. If the price of full coverage in your car is almost around the car is valued at itself, converting your policy to liability only will help you save money without jeopardizing your financial life.

Care your credit in good shape

A lot of the best auto insurance companies look at your credit before they extend a brand new policy. In case your credit is excellent, this‘ll only assist you get the very best auto insurance rates. In case your credit is poor, however, you could be asked to pay out an entire lot more.

To stay your credit in good health, look at your credit score and report frequently. While Credit Karma allows you to see an estimate of your respective credit score at no cost anytime, AnnualCreditReport. com is really a government-approved website that allows you to see your full credit report from all three credit reporting agencies once each year at no cost.

Keep insurance costs on your mind whenever you select a car

The newer your car is, the greater expensive your car insurance premiums will likely be. Also consider the undeniable fact that some car models with expensive replacement parts could cost more to insure no matter age.

Consumer Reports suggests asking your car dealer showing you the “Relative Collision Insurance Cost Information Booklet, ” produced annually from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This way, you’ll have the very best position to avoid models with insurance costs which are above most.


When shopping around on the very best deal for auto insurance, it’s important to seem at not only premiums. The very best auto insurance companies should offer greater than affordability – they also needs to receive good ratings and reviews from their existing customer base, same goes forever insurance, burial insurance and health insurance.

The simplest way to find this out is to finish some research by yourself. Look into many of the recent studies completed and browse through them, then read as much online reviews as you could find. Also, be sure to shop around and compare rates among the many handful of companies You are feeling comfortable with. The greater you shop around and compare, the more contented you’ll be.